Outlook Error: “This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer”

Symptom:  When a user clicks a hyperlink to any internet content from within Outlook, they receive the following message:  “This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer.” Problem:  The registry entries responsible for handling hyperlinks are either missing or corrupted.  This can be caused by several things.  Recently it seems that most …

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“Connector Specific Error” When Syncing Blackberry

Symptom:  While trying to sync a Blackberry device using Blackberry Desktop Manager, the user gets an error message that reads “Connector Specific Error”. Problem:  Various.  It seems that this can be caused by everything from corrupt calendar data to invalid characters in records.  I have also seen cases where this can be caused by a …

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Exchange: Allowing One User to Send Email From Another

Problem:  In your Microsoft Exchange organization, it is necessary for several users to send email from the same email address. For example, let’s say that there is a generic email address “” and you would like certain members of your staff to be able to send emails from that address, but still have their own …

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Microsoft Office Asks User to Accept License Agreement Each Time An Office Program Is Launched

Symptom:  On Windows Vista or Windows 7, each time a Microsoft Office program is launched the user is asked to accept the license agreement.  This will typically happen on versions of Office older than 2007. Problem:  Due to the difference in the way that user rights are handled in Windows XP and Windows Vista/7, older …

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Error: The Add-in ‘ESET Outlook Plugin’ (C:\PROGRA~1\ESET\ESETNO~1\EPLGOU~1.DLL) cannot be loaded and has been disabled by Outlook. If no update is available, please uninstall the Add-in.

Problem:  After uninstalling an ESET security product, the following message is displayed upon launching Outlook: The Add-in ‘ESET Outlook Plugin’ (C:\PROGRA~1\ESET\ESETNO~1\EPLGOU~1.DLL) cannot be loaded and has been disabled by Outlook. If no update is available, please uninstall the Add-in. Solution:  This article from ESET’s  knowledgebase recommends deleting the “extend.dat” file in the user’s Outlook folder, …

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Error: Outlook Data File Has Reached its Maximum Size…

Symptom:  Upon opening or using Outlook, an error pops up containing the  following message: “(path-to-.pst-or-.ost) has reached its maximum size. To reduce the amount of data in this file, select some items that you no longer need, then permanently (shift + del) delete them.” Problem:  There are a few different reasons that this can occur. …

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Outlook: “Sending and Receiving reported error (OX80040600)”

Symptom: When trying to perform a send and receive operation in Outlook, the following error is reported:  “Sending and Receiving reported error (OX80040600)”. Problem: The .pst file that is selected as the mail delivery location for this Outlook profile is corrupt. Solution: Use scanpst.exe to repair the .pst file.  Scanpst.exe can be hard to find, so …

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Outlook 2003 Will Not Open And Consumes 50% or 100% of CPU

Symptom: Microsoft Outlook 2003 hangs on the splash screen and will not open. OUTLOOK.EXE is observed in task manager consuming 50% or 100% of the CPU. Disabling add-ons and/or removing anti-virus software has no effect. Solution: Uninstall “Outlook 2003 with Business Contact Manager Update”. -n


Outlook 2010 Will Not Open/Close When Using Folder Redirection/Offline Files

Symptoms: Outlook behaves erratically specifically when trying to open or close it. Double clicking it will launch an “OUTLOOK.EXE” process, but not load the GUI. The “OUTLOOK.EXE” process cannot be killed. The machine may hang on shutdown if you try to reboot while Outlook is still stuck. There may be sync conflicts in Sync Center …

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RTF Files Grow In Size When Sent As Outlook Attachment

Symptom: An RTF (Rich Text File) that is only a couple of kilobytes in size will suddenly grow to several megabytes when attached to an email in Outlook via Word 2007. Problem: As far as I can tell, the problem is caused by issues between Word 2007 and RTFs that contain headers, footers, images or …

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