Exchange: Allowing One User to Send Email From Another

Problem:  In your Microsoft Exchange organization, it is necessary for several users to send email from the same email address. For example, let’s say that there is a generic email address “theboss@yourorganization.com” and you would like certain members of your staff to be able to send emails from that address, but still have their own …

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Error: Outlook Data File Has Reached its Maximum Size…

Symptom:  Upon opening or using Outlook, an error pops up containing the  following message: “(path-to-.pst-or-.ost) has reached its maximum size. To reduce the amount of data in this file, select some items that you no longer need, then permanently (shift + del) delete them.” Problem:  There are a few different reasons that this can occur. …

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Outlook 2003 Send/Receive Error 0×8004010f “The operation failed. An object could not be found.”

Symptoms: On a computer running Outlook 2000/XP/2003 and connected to an Exchange server, the user gets error 0×8004010f  “The operation failed.  An object could not be found.” when performing a send/receive. Problem: Outlook cannot download the Offline Address Book from the Exchange server due to corruption or a database error. Solution: Rebuild the Offline Address …

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