Remote Desktop Printing: First Page OK, Remaining Pages Print In Wrong Font

Printing problem in RDP


Microsoft Office Asks User to Accept License Agreement Each Time An Office Program Is Launched

Symptom:  On Windows Vista or Windows 7, each time a Microsoft Office program is launched the user is asked to accept the license agreement.  This will typically happen on versions of Office older than 2007. Problem:  Due to the difference in the way that user rights are handled in Windows XP and Windows Vista/7, older …

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You receive a “The document name or path is not valid” error message when you open a document in Word 2002 or 2003

Symptom: After crashing out of Microsoft Word 2002 or 2003, the document that was open can no longer be opened.  The user receives the message: “The document name or path is not valid…” along with some suggestions on how to fix the problem (that don’t work). Problem: Part of the  document has been corrupted, most …

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RTF Files Grow In Size When Sent As Outlook Attachment

Symptom: An RTF (Rich Text File) that is only a couple of kilobytes in size will suddenly grow to several megabytes when attached to an email in Outlook via Word 2007. Problem: As far as I can tell, the problem is caused by issues between Word 2007 and RTFs that contain headers, footers, images or …

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