Brocade DCFM Pro Default Login and Password

Problem:  After installing Brocade DCFM Pro (Data Center Fabric Manager), you are prompted for a User ID and Password but the setup wizard never asked you to create one. Solution:  Use the default credentials:  User ID:  “Administrator” , Password:  “password” -n


Symantec Backup Exec SQL Agent and Transaction Logs

The SQL Agent for Symantec Backup Exec does a pretty good job of performing full backups of SQL servers.  One strange behavior is that transaction logs are not backed up (or truncated) as part of a “full” backup. If your transaction logs are growing to unacceptable levels, check and see if they have ever been …

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Cannot Format Drive As exFAT

Symptom: When trying to format a newer, high capacity external hard drive or flash drive, the only option given is to format as exFAT.  When an attempt is made to format the volume as exFAT, the following message is returned:  “Windows was unable to complete the format.” Problem: Microsoft’s new filesystem, exFAT (a.k.a. FAT64), is …

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