Remote Desktop Printing: First Page OK, Remaining Pages Print In Wrong Font

Printing problem in RDP


Microsoft Office Asks User to Accept License Agreement Each Time An Office Program Is Launched

Symptom:  On Windows Vista or Windows 7, each time a Microsoft Office program is launched the user is asked to accept the license agreement.  This will typically happen on versions of Office older than 2007. Problem:  Due to the difference in the way that user rights are handled in Windows XP and Windows Vista/7, older …

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Terminal Server Does Not Accept Enough Client Connections

Recently I had a client whose organization was growing and needed a few more client access licenses for their Windows 2003 Terminal Server. (see this post for an interesting issue that was encountered.) Once the CALs were installed and activated, all was well until it became apparent that the server was refusing connections before it …

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Walk-through: Hyper-V on Windows 2008 R2

Installing and setting up Hyper-V on Windows Server 2008 R2 is a straightforward task thanks to Microsoft’s new approach to “roles”. Preparing Your Server to Run Hyper-V Ensure that your server’s motherboard and processor support hardware-assisted virtualization. Go into the BIOS setup menu of your server and make sure that virtualization is enabled.  This setting …

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