“Connector Specific Error” When Syncing Blackberry

Symptom:  While trying to sync a Blackberry device using Blackberry Desktop Manager, the user gets an error message that reads “Connector Specific Error”.

Problem:  Various.  It seems that this can be caused by everything from corrupt calendar data to invalid characters in records.  I have also seen cases where this can be caused by a problem with photos associated with contacts.

Solution:  Clear out the phone-side copy of the data and re-sync.

  1. Note what step the sync is stopping on.  (ex. Calendar, Contacts)
  2. Under the “Device” menu, select “Delete Data…”
  3. Click the “Select Data” button and select the type of data that was syncing when the error occured.  (ex. Calendar Data)
  4. Make sure the selection to backup the data before deleting is selected and make note of the backup path.
  5. Go ahead and delete the data!
  6. Once the data has been deleted, re-sync the Blackberry device and ensure the sync is successful.



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