QuickBooks Payroll Opens/Saves the Wrong W2 Form

Symptom: When a user tries to open/print or re-print a specific W2 form from QuickBooks Payroll, the Internet Explorer “Download Warning” bar appears at the top of the window.  If the user clears the warning and attempts to download the file, the wrong W2 is printed. Problem: QuickBooks uses Internet Explorer for payroll (and lots …

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Quicken 2011 Printing Problems on 64bit OS With HP Universal PCL Driver

I was working on a strange problem with Quicken 2011/Windows 7 Professional 64bit/HP Laserjet 4050T. The only driver available is the HP Universal PCL5/PCL6 driver. Everything works great with printing, except when printing from Quicken. Quicken would crash referencing splwow64.exe as the culprit. This is the Thinking Spooler APIS from 32 to 64 Process. As …

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How To Run Two Instances of QuickBooks at the Same Time

Problem: A user wants to run two copies of QuickBooks concurrently in order to look at two company files at once. Solution: Install a virtual machine such as Microsoft VirtualPC, VMWare, Sun VirtualBox, etc.  Install Windows and Quickbooks on the new virtual machine. -Nick