WordPress Site Hacked

Apparently techlauve.com was hacked sometime in the last few days.  Upon pulling up the site this morning I was greeted by Arabic music, Arabic text, English text declaring that I had been hacked, and two pictures:  A middle-eastern man pointing a gun at a woman and child, and a picture of a sniper kitten.  Awesome. …

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A Range of local IP Addresses Are Inaccessible from LAN

Today I ran across an interesting issue.  Everything was normal on the network except that no users could print to ANY of the network printers.  They could not be pinged or accessed in any way.  The network consisted of a single subnet, single server, and single switch.  I moved some of the printers to other …

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Microsoft Security Essentials Bug + Fix

Sent in by MF: I have had this problem happen quite a few times with Microsoft security essentials . Basically after installing MSSE upon reboot the program either doesn’t start up or MSMPENG.EXE just spikes the CPU. The fix is this: In MSSE Settings go to Excluded Files & Locations and Add the following to …

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