Remote Desktop Printing: First Page OK, Remaining Pages Print In Wrong Font

Symptoms: When printing a document to a local printer using Remote Desktop Easy Print (Terminal Server 2008), Microsoft Office documents, such as those from Microsoft Word, will correctly print the first page while printing the rest of the pages using the wrong font. Problem: After much research the best that I can come up with …

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Slow Remote Desktop Performance in Windows 7 or Vista

Symptom:  When connecting to a server running Terminal Services using the Remote Desktop client in Windows 7 or Vista, the connection is slow and lags despite a fast network connection. Problem:  This is usually, but not always, caused by the way TCP “Auto-tuning” is handled in Windows 7/Vista. Solution:  As stated above there are several …

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Redirected Printer: Access Denied in Remote Desktop Session

Symptoms:  When a user connects to a Windows Server 2008 Terminal Server using Remote Desktop, local printers are correctly redirected but print jobs will not print.  No error was reported and the print queue is empty.  Upon trying to access the printer properties, the following error is reported:  “Printer Properties cannot be displayed. Access is …

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Terminal Server Does Not Accept Enough Client Connections

Recently I had a client whose organization was growing and needed a few more client access licenses for their Windows 2003 Terminal Server. (see this post for an interesting issue that was encountered.) Once the CALs were installed and activated, all was well until it became apparent that the server was refusing connections before it …

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“The License Server Activation Wizard encountered an internal error from the license server. Message Number: 0xc0110011”

Symptom: Your Terminal Services Licensing Server is no longer activated on or after February 26, 2010.  If you try to re-activate the server, you are greeted with the following message: “The License Server Activation Wizard encountered an internal error from the license server. Message Number: 0xc0110011” You may also see the following events in the …

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Group Policy: Applying Different User Policies to the Same User for Workstations and Terminal Server

Situation: An organization has users that log into workstations interactively and also log into a Terminal Server with the same user account, but stricter policies are desired for the Terminal Server session than for the users’ interactive session with their own computer.  Also, certain users (such as Administrators) should be exempt from these policies. ex: …

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