Setting Up Site-to-Site VPN With SonicWall Appliance Running SonicOS Enhanced

Situation: You need to setup a site to site VPN tunnel between two SonicWall routers running SonicOS Enhanced. Background: The first thing you need to decide about your VPN tunnel is whether to use Main Mode or Aggressive Mode. Main Mode is the most secure mode but requires that both endpoints have static IP addresses.  The only …

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Linksys Router Will Not Obtain IP Address From DSL Modem

Symptoms: Your Linksys (or potentially any other consumer-grade router) will not obtain an IP address via DHCP from your ISP’s DSL gateway/router.  The status of the WAN interface shows as the IP address or you receive an error message while trying to renew the address. Problem: Both devices are likely on the same subnet.  …

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