Error: The Add-in ‘ESET Outlook Plugin’ (C:\PROGRA~1\ESET\ESETNO~1\EPLGOU~1.DLL) cannot be loaded and has been disabled by Outlook. If no update is available, please uninstall the Add-in.

Problem:  After uninstalling an ESET security product, the following message is displayed upon launching Outlook:

The Add-in ‘ESET Outlook Plugin’ (C:\PROGRA~1\ESET\ESETNO~1\EPLGOU~1.DLL) cannot be loaded and has been disabled by Outlook. If no update is available, please uninstall the Add-in.

Solution:  This article from ESET’s  knowledgebase recommends deleting the “extend.dat” file in the user’s Outlook folder, but this does not always work.  The first inclination that most users would have is to go into Outlook’s add-in manager (or Trust Center – depending on the version) and look for an ESET add-in to disable, but the add-in is not there.  The ESET add-in is actually loaded into Outlook as an “Exchange Client Extension”.  Once the ESET add-in is removed from the Exchange Client Extension list in Outlook, this problem should go away.




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  1. Banele says:

    I had exactly the same problem and this worked
    Solution: Open outlook 2007
    click on tools – Trust center – add ins (at the bottom on manage change to EXCHANGE CLIENT EXTENSIONS and click on GO then untick ESET Outlook Plugin) please let me know if it worked for you…

    1. Harald Schmitz says:


      nach langem Suchen und Probieren endlich die Lösung und eigentlich recht einfach,

      vielen Dank!!!

    2. Fadi says:

      thanks too much .

    3. Fadi says:

      that was effectively. thanks too much .

    4. Otiram says:

      Very effective. Thanks.

    5. Irfan says:

      Good job and thanks bro.

    6. Julio says:

      It worked. Thanks

    7. Zoran says:

      Thank you.It is solved problem.Respect.

    8. Mohamed says:

      Thank you Banele. Your suggestion has worked for me.

    9. Fazel says:

      Hi Banele,
      I have the same issue but it won’t let my outlook to open so I can do those setting. How could you start your outlook. I am using outlook exchange and I am using it in 2 other PC but I cannot figure it in my laptop.

  2. Robert says:

    Fantastic Nick. After hours searching for a solution you have it in one. Much appreciated.


  3. Julian says:

    YES!!! thankyou!:D

  4. Pierre says:

    Thank you, I have been looking to solve this problem for two weeks
    Thanks again.

  5. Enrico says:

    Danke, es hat geholfen nach langem probieren mit anderen Lösungsvorschlägen.

  6. Ayman says:

    It’s the only effective soln.Thanks

  7. Igi says:

    Thank you Master Banele for this answer!!

  8. jaleel says:

    Thank you very much…!!!

  9. Sujeeth Menon says:

    Fantastic…. Thank you so much……

  10. Ishfaq says:

    Thanks Banele… It worked perfectly for me…

  11. oldman says:

    what a really quick solution thanks

  12. Febin says:

    Thanks lot

  13. supun says:

    thank you !!!

  14. Faith says:

    Thanks so much. Ohhh it had given me headache.

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