Outlook: “Sending and Receiving reported error (OX80040600)”

Symptom: When trying to perform a send and receive operation in Outlook, the following error is reported:  “Sending and Receiving reported error (OX80040600)”.

Problem: The .pst file that is selected as the mail delivery location for this Outlook profile is corrupt.

Solution: Use scanpst.exe to repair the .pst file.  Scanpst.exe can be hard to find, so I usually search for it.  Just search the computer for scanpst.exe and it will turn up.  Depending on the version of Office/Outlook it could be in one of several locations.

If scanpst.exe does not find/fix any errors, or it does find/fix errors and the problem continues, try creating a fresh new .pst file.  If you are able to send/receive with the new file then you could try to import the old .pst into the new empty one.  Depending on the nature of the data corruption, the problem may or may not re-appear as a result of this.


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