Internet Explorer Displays Blank Page Instead of Windows Update

Symptom:  Internet Explorer displays a blank page or blank screen instead of the requested .aspx or javascript site.  Windows Update or other script-enabled websites will not display regardless of Internet Explorer 8 or 9, or any security settings. Problem:  Missing/faulty .dll registration of one or both of the following files:  jscript.dll, msxml3.dll Solution:  Re-register the …

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Gmail Does Not Display Images Using Internet Explorer

Symptom:  When reading an email using Gmail in Internet Explorer, no images are displayed.  This happens even if the “Display images below” or “Always display images from <sender>” settings are used. Problem:  Newer versions of Internet Explorer, by default, block HTTP content from being displayed on pages secured with SSL (HTTPS). Solution:  Adjust the security …

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Adding Sites to Internet Security Zones Using Group Policy

Sometimes it is useful to leverage the power of Group Policy in Active Directory to add sites to certain security zones in Internet Explorer.  This can save the network admin the trouble of managing the security zone lists for each computer (or user) separately.  In the following example, each user on the network needs to …

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Microsoft Virtual Server Web Console Constantly Asks For Password

If the Microsoft Virtual Server web admin and remote control console are constantly popping up asking for credentials, you may need to adjust some security settings in Internet Explorer. In Internet Explorer, go to “Tools -> Internet Options”. Click the “Security” tab. If the site is on your local network, select the “Local Intranet” icon …

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