Quicken 2011 Printing Problems on 64bit OS With HP Universal PCL Driver

I was working on a strange problem with Quicken 2011/Windows 7 Professional 64bit/HP Laserjet 4050T. The only driver available is the HP Universal PCL5/PCL6 driver. Everything works great with printing, except when printing from Quicken. Quicken would crash referencing splwow64.exe as the culprit. This is the Thinking Spooler APIS from 32 to 64 Process. As far as I can tell, this controls printing between 32bit programs and Windows 7 64bit. Through my troubleshooting process, I changed the default printer to the Quicken PDF Printer, went into Quicken to print a check, and switched to the regular printer and it worked. Hmmm, I thought this was this going to be my work around. Not so fast my friend. I asked the customer if they had any need for using the Quicken PDF printer and they said no. So my next trial run was to delete the PDF Printer. So I did just that and made the HP the default and everything started working. My best guess is that the Quicken PDF Printer does not play well with the HP Universal Print Driver. I have not tried this in a 32bit environment, so I am unsure if the culprit is the 64bit OS. Quicken claims that the software works in both environments.

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  1. Bob says:

    THANKS!!! I’ve been fighting the same problem for 3 days. Deleting the Quicken PDF printer workes for me.

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