Mounting An ISO Image in Windows Server 2008

…still can’t be done. MagicISO seems to work pretty well though.  As much as I hate installing stuff like that on a server, there seems to be no way around it without actually burning the image to media.

It is completely unacceptable that Microsoft continues to leave this feature out of it’s operating systems.  Mac OS X has been able to do this for several years, same with the various popular Linux distros.  The funny thing is that Microsoft Virtual PC has always been able to mount ISOs – at least we know that Microsoft’s programmers have “figured it out.”  Good thing too, because I DARE you to try and get a CD/DVD from Microsoft when you purchase Open Licensing.  It’s not gonna happen.  You will be told to go to the website and download the ISO that you cannot mount without installing third-party software with unapproved drivers.  Thanks, Microsoft.


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