QuickBooks Payroll Opens/Saves the Wrong W2 Form

Symptom: When a user tries to open/print or re-print a specific W2 form from QuickBooks Payroll, the Internet Explorer “Download Warning” bar appears at the top of the window.  If the user clears the warning and attempts to download the file, the wrong W2 is printed.

Problem: QuickBooks uses Internet Explorer for payroll (and lots of other stuff) so the IE security settings dictate what QuickBooks can and can’t do.  The IE “Download Warning” bar does not do well with downloads that are the result of a form action.  If a user makes selections on a form that lead to a specific download, IE shows the warning bar.  The user then clears the warning and indicates that (s)he wants to download the file.  IE will then re-submit the form in order to trigger the download call.  This does not always yield the expected result.


  1. Add https://*.intuit.com to your trusted sites list in internet explorer.  (Tools -> Internet Options -> Security)
  2. Select “Trusted Sites” and then click “Custom Level…”
  3. Enable “Automatic prompting for file downloads” under the “Downloads” heading and click “OK”.
  4. Close out of all Internet Explorer windows, including any IE windows that QuickBooks may have open, and go back into QuickBooks payroll.
  5. QuickBooks will show a prompt that it is trying to access a site in your trusted site list and ask for confirmation.  Click “Yes”.
  6. Try to Open/Save/Re-print a W2 – it should now function correctly.


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