Setup Error: “Path or file specified with /adminfile was not found or did not contain any patches” When Deploying Office 2010

Note:  This article applies to the deployment steps outlined in the following TechNet article: Deploy Office 2010 by using Group Policy computer startup scripts

Symptom: Upon trying to deploy Microsoft Office 2010 using group policy and the OCT (Office Customization tool), Office Setup launches, but immediately returns the following error:

Setup Error: Path or file specified with /adminfile was not found or did not contain any patches

Problem: Setup is unable to locate the .msp file that was created by the OCT.

Solution:  Ensure that the .msp file specified in the startup script batch file under the :DeployOffice label (should be on line 37) matches the path to the .msp file saved by the OCT.  Also note that the path specified should contain no spaces or quotation marks.


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