How To Determine A User’s Profile Path

Problem: You have a computer with several user accounts and several profiles, but they don’t all match up.  You need a quick way to determine where the currently logged on user’s profile lives.

Solution: Open a command prompt and type the following:

echo %userprofile%

The command will return a single line that is the current user’s path.

You might notice that when you open the command prompt in WindowsXP, the directory that it starts you in IS your profile path.  So you didn’t really have to echo anything.  Environment variables are still very useful.  Let’s say you want to navigate to the user’s profile folder quickly from Windows Explorer:  Just type %userprofile% in the address bar of any available explorer window, or try:

Start->Run: %userprofile%->Enter.

Quick, efficient and accurate.

There are several useful environment variables in WindowsXP and Windows Server.


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