Rename A Computer That Is A Domain Member

Problem: A computer (or several computers) on your domain need to be renamed quickly and reliably without making a mess of Active Directory.

Solution: Use the NETDOM utility that comes with the Windows Server Support Tools (SupportTools.msi on the Windows Server media).

If it is not already installed, you will want to install the SupportTools.msi package on a server, or your admin computer (must be a domain member).  After installing the Support Tools, ensure that the tools are within your path.  This can be done one of two ways:

  1. Copy/move them to the %SYSTEMROOT%\system32 folder.
  2. Add their path to your PATH environment variable in System Properties->Advanced->Environment Variables

To test your path settings, type NETDOM /? at a command prompt.  If you get the NETDOM documentation you are all set.  If not, type echo %path% at a command prompt and make sure that the support tools are located in one of the returned folders.

I have written a simple script that runs NETDOM interactively and lets you rename multiple computers and verify your input.  It can be downloaded here:  rendomcomp.txt

This file must be renamed from .txt to .bat and requires that the NETDOM utility is already installed and in your PATH.  Once renamed, simply double-click the file.


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  1. Ken says:

    Awesome! Thanks for this. I really ensure and added their path within mine.

  2. ebe tiu says:

    been using netdom lately. great help from that. nice post!

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