Linksys Router Will Not Obtain IP Address From DSL Modem

Symptoms: Your Linksys (or potentially any other consumer-grade router) will not obtain an IP address via DHCP from your ISP’s DSL gateway/router.  The status of the WAN interface shows as the IP address or you receive an error message while trying to renew the address.

Problem: Both devices are likely on the same subnet.  Out of the box, many ISP-supplied internet gateways have a built in router that has a LAN interface with the address  Several brands of consumer routers come pre-configured for this same subnet.  (ex. Linksys routers are always configured as  Many routers simply will not let you route from to  This is probably a good thing.

Solution: Change the LAN IP of either device to a different subnet.  I usually change the DSL gateway/router to


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