Group Policy: Applying Different User Policies to the Same User for Workstations and Terminal Server

Situation: An organization has users that log into workstations interactively and also log into a Terminal Server with the same user account, but stricter policies are desired for the Terminal Server session than for the users’ interactive session with their own computer.  Also, certain users (such as Administrators) should be exempt from these policies. ex: …

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Outlook 2010 Will Not Open/Close When Using Folder Redirection/Offline Files

Symptoms: Outlook behaves erratically specifically when trying to open or close it. Double clicking it will launch an “OUTLOOK.EXE” process, but not load the GUI. The “OUTLOOK.EXE” process cannot be killed. The machine may hang on shutdown if you try to reboot while Outlook is still stuck. There may be sync conflicts in Sync Center …

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Mounting An ISO Image in Windows Server 2008

…still can’t be done. MagicISO seems to work pretty well though.  As much as I hate installing stuff like that on a server, there seems to be no way around it without actually burning the image to media. It is completely unacceptable that Microsoft continues to leave this feature out of it’s operating systems.  Mac …

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Adding a Windows Server 2008 Domain Controller to A Windows Server 2003 Domain

Adding a server running Windows 2008 to a domain that is running Windows 2000/2003 servers is no big deal until you try to promote the 2008 (or 2008R2) server to a domain controller.  Active Directory must be updated to accommodate changes to the schema in 2008 and 2008R2. The first thing that I would do …

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