Symantec Backup Exec: “Error e000fefd – The media server has lost the network connection…” during restore

Symptom: While attempting to restore files backed up from a DFS share using Symantec Backup Exec shadow copy, the job fails with the following error:

Error category:  Other Errors

Error:  e000fefd - The media server has lost the network connection to the remote agent.

This only seems to happen when attempting to redirect the restored files to an alternate location instead of restoring them back to the DFS set.

Problem: This has been acknowledged by Symantec as a known issue.  Redirecting files backed up from a DFS volume during a restore is not supported in Symantec Backup Exec 10d and 11d.  Symantec claims that this has been corrected in Backup Exec 12 and above.

Solution: If upgrading to the newest version is not an option, consider backing up the share on one single replication partner in the DFS replication set instead of using Symantec’s shadow copy option to backup the DFS volume.  This does increase the chances of backing up incomplete or out-of-date data, and the backup may not reflect the correct security attributes of the data in question.


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