AT&T DSL Intermittent Loss of Sync

Symptoms: A business has AT&T DSL and has intermittent problems with
their internet randomly going down.  Usually it is fixed by unplugging/plugging in the modem, but the problem happens again in a
week or so.  You call AT&T and there appear to be no problems with the
line or profile.

Problem (at least the way I understand it): AT&T merged with Yahoo a while back and when the modem initiates a session with the servers, it
may connect to a new server (Yahoo) or an old one (AT&T).  The newer
Yahoo system has a password policy that is more strict than AT&Ts and
is also more finicky about the old Netopia 3346/3347 modems that
everyone has.

Call AT&T & reset their DSL password in compliance with the
new password policy (8+characters with a number I think).  If problem
persists, replace modem.

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